1. Poolsafe Fencing Pty Ltd warrants all new fencing to be free from defects in materials and
workmanship and further warrants all installations carried out by the Company or its installers to be
free from defects in workmanship for a period of 12 months from the purchase of the fence or
installation. Its obligation under these warranties is limited to making good any such defects.

2. Our Warranty does not cover steel or aluminium pool or garden fencing installed within 1 (one)
kilometre of a marine or corrosive industrial environment or when installed within 1.0 meter of a
pool or in acidic or corrosive soils as these corrosive conditions may cause powdercoat coloured
finishes to deteriorate and become unsightly. If installed in the conditions described above, it is
essential for the owner to regularly hose down the fencing to remove any corrosive particles.

3. Natural weathering will over time cause powdercoat colours to fade particularly dark colours and
our Warranty does not cover this fading.

4. Where the fence site is not complete or actual accurate measurements cannot be taken, the materials
and costs given in this quotation are estimated only and will be subject to revision when accurate
measurements can be taken on completion of such site works by the client.

5. When special fence posts, gates, panels and other fittings are made to suit site situations guaranteed
by the client, any departure from the conditions will be the responsibility of the client as will be any
costs involved in alterations of made-up materials, the cost of unsuitable materials and the supply of
any replacements.

6. The installation costs cover only the work specified on the quotation and do not include, unless
specifically stated, removal of existing fencing, trees, shrubs or any such material that is in the line of
the proposes fencing.

7. It is the responsibility of the owner to advise pipe and wire locations otherwise any damage
during installation will the at the customer’s cost.

8. The Poolsafe Fence has been designed and manufactured with accident prevention in mind. It is sold
on the understanding that the manufacturer, distributor, reseller or installer accepts no responsibility
should an accident occur in a swimming pool where a Poolsafe fence has been installed. The
responsibility for pool safety rests with the owner.

9. Any delivery dates given are approximate only and Poolsafe accepts no liability for delay from any
cause whatsoever.


1. Any account not paid within the time specified on the invoice or seven (7) days of delivery will be
liable for interest at the rate of 15% per annum and such interest will be added to the account
(capitalized) at the end of each month and form part of the principal debt.

2. Any account outstanding for more than sixty (60) days will be liable to meet in full the sellers debt
recovery, legal costs and/or commissions and internal accounting charges (recovery fees) and such
recovery fees will be added to the buyers account and form part of the principal debt.

3. Title of any goods purchased does not pass at law until payment in full of the account to which the
goods relate.

Acceptance of our goods, services or quotation with a deposit/progress payment is considered automatic acceptance of all the above terms and conditions.